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A Guide to Air Duct Cleaning

One integral service for any house is duct cleaning since ducts are the circulatory system and heart of your house. And whether you believe it or not, you are relying on this system in order to deliver clean air that’s free from air contaminants and air pollutants like dander, dust and chemicals as well. When ducts are cleaned, you have to be sure that it is done right.

There are some companies which claims that they are capable of performing duct cleaning for 49 to 70 dollars but the sad truth is, they can’t clean the entire duct system regardless of what they have promised. This is nothing but a myth because in reality, these companies often just clean the areas your eyes can see. To be able to get into your ducts and have the cleaning that it needs, you have to work with licensed companies. A company may just reach what it can without a license.

Getting your ducts cleaned is important as they’re also the lungs of your house. The ducts are taking the air in and breathing it out. This recirculation process will take place between 5 to 7 times per day. In an average 6 room house, there is as much as 40lbs of dust generated every year. When this dust enters the ducts and re-circulates, it instantly becomes a serious problem.

Proper cleaning will remove the contaminants just like molds, built-up dust, toxic in which all can cause some serious health problems in health for those who are in the house. For those who have autoimmune disorders, allergies and respiratory conditions, these issues are very serious.

Proper air duct cleaning service is using equipment designed specifically to make powerful vacuum that works throughout the duct system to remove the contaminants completely. What the technician will do next is open every duct and insert a high velocity power vent cleaner that is going to break loose stubborn dirt and dust. All contaminants from duct as well as vents are drawn back into 99% HEPA filtration system. Be sure that you are working with a company that will clean the ducts, the coil as well as the whole furnace including the heat exchanger and blower to be able to get the best possible service.

The technician has to clean as well the blower assembly, evaporator coil, heat exchanger, return and supply plenums, transition and all grills and registers. Once the duct cleaning is done, the technician is going to fog the system using biocide that is treating mold that might still be in the system or duct.
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